Tuesday, April 24, 2007

38: The Maple Leaf Rag

My sister entered my room, heavily armed. With her perfect aim, she shot both of my weapons out of my hand almost instantly.

"What is this," the audience asks, "a Disney Channel Original Movie?"

Bu-dum Chhhh.

If man has accomplished nothing else, he invented film. I love movies.

Okay: Today's prompt.

"What's wrong with the second amendment?" I asked.


Carissa said...

ur good at pictures

Anonymous said...

"It lets me do this," the man replied, as he pulled out two automatic weapons.

Spartan said...

"Because Seven Eight Nine. HA!...oh ...wait" I said as i realized i had completely messed up the joke.

Judith said...

I answered, as i pulled 2 guns from my bag, " It lets me shoot Sam in the head for not emailing me!!"

Judith said...

i like your pictures by the way Sam

Jedi_Raptor07 said...

"Nothing's wrong with it," he replied, "the problem's with the legion of laws that the politicians enact then don't bother to enforce."

Sorry if I start ranting. I'm kinda passionate about this subject. On a serious note, what the bonehead politicians don't realize is that gun control laws are not going to stop criminals because criminals violate the law to get what they want (if they didn't, they wouldn't be criminals), so why would they obey this one? Just look at Australia. Guns were a part of their culture until their government banned them after a couple of large shootings. Now, four years later, violent crime and homicides are up alomst 300%. Why? Because since they outlawed guns, the only ones with guns are the outlaws.

Oh, dear. I just had a joepoe moment, didn't I. So sorry.