Saturday, February 17, 2007

"Broken Club"

I would like to address a few comments.

The goals of my essays had nothing to do with the destruction of VOA. "Ideas Are Bulletproof" was meant to be a study in essay writing. I chose the topic because I wanted to answer some serious ethical questions about anonymity that I had, and I hoped, at the time, that they would tie up some loose ends for you guys too.

I am disappointed that no one choose to comment on the actual content of my essay, but rather chose to personally attack me on the topic I chose to close with. In my last essay I questioned the impact of anonymous commenting, and was perturbed to see that no one had even brought up the subject in their comments.


Anonymous said...

You mean you actually expected someone to comment on the post's content?

kelly h said...

sam, most of the time us commenters like to comment on the little things, not the content of whatever your writing. You should know, that it's the little things that count.

Carissa said...

i like the picture.

Jedi_Raptor07 said...

My comments were in no way attended to be a personal attack against you, Sam. I apologize if they were seen that way.

ali said...

1. not personally attacking.

2. i never comment on the big picture, just details i'm sidetracked on.

3. perturbed. heeheehee.

i'm on irony patrol said...

irony: sam spends two paragraphs talking about how we all focus on the small details instead of the big picture.
result: ali laughs about the word perturbed. i did too.

see how ironic that is?

anyway: big picture? i'm not sure. i think anonymous comments are stupid. but that's your prerogative. i rarely put my name with anything i write. but that's because i think it's funny. don't you? and it's fun for people to figure it out, not to mention it gets attention, which seems to be a theme of my life right now. but that's not your problem. it's not really mine either. so there.

this is what happens when you have a stupid test and you don't want to study for it. you make long long comments.

anyway. this one is ending right...


(by the way-- please please post the movie)

oh darn.



Sam's close relative said...

I have seen the movie and it's really awesome and I'm not just saying that because I'm "Sam's close relative" -- I can't tell you all the details I think are so great because I don't want to ruin it -- but the ring grabbing, Angie typing, Jon running away, Maddie yelling "pleasingly plump!", Kelly smacking, Ali Smacking, Jeff snapping his fingers -- so cool