Monday, January 15, 2007

"Green II"

I'm writing some essays about anonymous commenting (essays for fun? psh). They are collectively titled "Ideas are Bulletproof". Please read the introduction first, then look at the first essay. You can leave your comments on the actual essay page itself.

I'm still working on a new installment of Malachi, but I'm making some decisions about it (as to whether I'll do it episode by episode or also include my own chapters). Meanwhile, I'll be also updating The Christmas Light Fiasco. Take a look at it.


... said...

I just noticed that your essays don't allow any anonymous I'm commenting here.

I don't understand why everyone keeps on calling VOA brilliant because he usually wasn't correct. People just assumed he was correct when nobody protested. When he was correct, anybody could have made the same guesses by carefully analyzing the comment.

One thing I do respect about VOA is the time he spent on commenting and even creating a blog just for everybody's entertainment.

Anonymous said...

ooh, harsh.

small typo: and merely comment anonymously for the sake of comment anonymously.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the reason I came up with the mad quoter think is because I wanted to comment a quote on Tim's blog, but Tim had already yelled at me for commenting several times on the same post so I posted under a new ID so he wouldn't know it was me. Same with the whole "Rob Rhet" thing.

Anonymous said...

By the way, sweet picture.

Anonymous said...

ooo guess what??? Out of sheer procrastination part of the comic has been completed, well the layout for Chapter one anyway, I'll bring it in for you to scrutinize tomorrow.

kelly h said...

has anyone noticed that the vanquisher of anonymousness hasn't been on in a while. or is that just me?

Carissa said...


Anonymous said...


Molly Wobbles: HP&HBP
Ideas are Bulletproof: V for Vendetta


emma said...

no kelly, he was on tim's blog a couple days ago.

Anonymous said...

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Jeff said...

Stealing a cop uniform always ends up in the worst possible scenerio.

Anonymous said... the story.