Saturday, November 25, 2006

"Half Empty"

In case you can't tell, the left side is in black and white.

I'm taking a break from Anonymous to write a new series of Christmas-themed stories called "Deranged Christmas Tales". They are in screenplay form. The first is called "Why The Grinch Stole Christmas". It is a work in progress.


Spartan said...

You are a good writer

Jen said...

Missing reckless already?

Anonymous said...

you sound a little depressed.

Jedi_Raptor07 said...

Well, that was... interesting...

kelly h said...

interesting. funny. odd.

i like the Jim Carey version of the Grinch who stole Christmas better. sorry.

Jen said...

Wait a minute.... christmas stories? Does Sam even celebrate christmas? o-O;;

Carissa said...

i like the pic

angie said...

i like jen's first comment.

Anonymous said...

haha, the reporter thing made me laugh

Anonymous said...

sam is so stupid it blows my mind.

Frances =) said...

Hey Sam...a lot has happened to your blog since I last checked blogs. And I'm only here b/c of your gtalk away message.
Anyways just popped in to say hi. Alright-see ya.
P.S. I think he does celebrate Christmas b/c last year...something something something. He posted something about this on his blog. But yea. He does. I think.

Carissa said...

uhh well i know last year when filming romeo and juliet he had a christmas themed ring tone... of course that was in march or somethingso it's a tad different. hehehe

i forget which song it was

Jeff said...

Anonymous (not the story) is so stupid it blows my mind.

Maeve and I read the little blurb and decided that we were scared before we even read the story. In fact, we didn't read the story. Well, I did, but that was the next day. I think. It gets complicated.

Carissa said...

how bad was ur frostbite?
... belles are lucky... they have gloves with FINGERS

Sam's anonymous family member said...

Sam does celebrate Christmas in the family gets together has a tree and decorates it and gets gifts way but not in the going to church way but he also celebrates hanukah in the lights candles eats latkes and gets presents way but not going in the goes to synagogue way. its a good deal

Anonymous said...

haha, yes ^^^. Food, family, lots of lights, and presents: in my opinion, the best way to celebrate a holiday.

Anonymous said...

I can't play Voah and try to guess who anonymous is. If it's someone who comments regularly, though, I'll be suprised. Unpleasantly so.

Jedi_Raptor07 said...

Okay, I just read the entire Grinch story/screenplay thing.

You ripped Cindy Lou Who surviving being shoved in the sink and pulling a gun from the opening of Casino Royale, didn't you.

A few nit-pickey details about gun (sorry, couldn't resist). First, do they even have guns in Whoville? Second, shooting a propane tanks won't cause them to blow up unless you are using tracer rounds, which are illegal (plus, I'm not sure they even make 9mm tracers). Third, Buying a silencer takes 45 minutes of paperwork and a six-month waiting period before you can actually leave the store with it. And last, I'd go with a .45 over a 9mm for stealth, as .45s are easier to silence (lower velocity) and have more stopping power vs. a 9mm. But that's just me.

Okay, shutting up now.

Becky said...

I miss seeing you. D:

AND you have too many friends.
I think I might have to shoot some of them to spend time with you.
But, then again, witnesses and all that. It might be tricky.

Abby'd help me, right? (:
Yes. Yes she would.

Spartan said...

Please don't shoot me!

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emma said...

that's so disturbing i don't have words.

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