Sunday, October 15, 2006

"Odd One Out"

This is my 251st post, people.

The reason the picture is called "odd one out" is because it looks like that last one is lonely to me.

I would've announced it at 250, but I forgot.

As a quick contest, you can email me your favorite post title and/or the one you think best represents my personality as well as the blog. I would much rather appreciate an email or google talk, because I wish the voting to remain secret. Any entry I get multiple times or one that I think is particularly good will be put up later for final voting. The rest is a suprise.

And "Chapter Three" is done. I'm terrible at writing romance, which is why I would like to thank Angie for helping me, as well as the song "Such Great Heights" by Iron and Wine, which helped me because it's a bit sentimental.

The principal joke is based mostly on the "smoking a guitar" statement, as well as our middle school principle pronouncing "viola" wrong.


Ali said...
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Ali said...

awww look at the little sam in the picture...and that tally does look kind of lonely...poor tally.

you DO know that blogger keeps track for you, right?

first to comment!

Abby said...

*cue puppy coo's and aww's from readers of VOA story... well, probably just the female readers for the most part, but whatever*

Jeff said...

I'll e-mail you some random one that I don't think fits you at all.

Abby said...

that photo of you and rachel in the corner of your picture is really sweet, by the way. oh, and how is she? how fairs college and stuff?

Becky said...

I'll get to reading your story - hopefully this weekend. I'm looking forward to it. (:

251 posts? Wow. Somebody needs a hobby.

kelly h said...

that's soooo cute!!!

that's a lot of posts

it IS a lonely tally. sad. :-(

Carissa said...

yay for little sam

kelly h said...

aww, little sam!
(i forgot to add that)

Madeline Margaret said...

"seemed to dance when she walked."
"Her green eyes always seemed to sparkle when she smiled, something that Voah cherished.'

oh my God, romance novels are your calling. Add on a related note, if you go to, your beloved will be written as the her/heroine of the novel based on questions you answered about the. It's fun. And really cheesy. But good still. Like your story. Oh, and thanks for lending me your sweatshirt. Don't die of hypothermia.

Jedi_Raptor07 said...

I like it. Chapter 3 I mean. You're waaaaaaaaayyyyyyy better at writing romance than me. That's why I write Steven-Segal-action-movie-style fiction. No romance.

emma said... voah in the story supposed to indicate jeff s? (tall, messy brown hair, glasses)
very good chapter, i do like the smoking a guitar (kind-of) reference.

Anonymous said...

i hate it.

my blog explains why.

Anonymous said...

JA ne znati zašto , ali JA klobučina poput pisanje ovaj in Hrvatski.

Guess the language.