Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I was looking up a definition in my bio book, and passed by "Periwinkle", like the crayon color. I ignored it, but, remembering it, I looked it up online later, and here's what I found.

Periwinkle: any of various marine gastropods or sea snails, especially Littorina littorea, used for food in Europe.

Geez. We have a crayon color named after an edible marine gastropod.

Ah, well.

So anyhow my posts will more and more feature wierd arty or comical photos. This was one I this summer. I was taking my camera somewhere and managed, leaning rather dangerously out the car window in the process, to take this picture of a rainbow near Zuzu's.

I'm also writing a new story, but I'm posting it all at once later.

So that's that.


Jen said...

Wow, beautiful rainbow.

Jeff said...

CRAP! I haven't read half the AP Bio stuff yet...well, good luck with that story and very nice picture.

Abby said...

oh, I always thought it was referring to the flower.

I still think crayola's referring to the flower.

nerdjedi said...

It seems like your blog is having an identity crisis!

kelly h said...

i agree with abby. it's refering to the flower. pretty rainbow. i already know the story. still can't wait to read it!

Ali said...


btw: u dtill don't have me on ur links! i feel so unappreciated...lol.

angie said...

what ever happened to posting about sam and his feelings?

Carissa said...

artsy stuff?

"This was one I this summer"???

and uhmm.. I SAW THAT EXACT SAME RAINBOW AND I HAVE PICS OF IT TOO! (I THINK) kay byesss sam austin who KILLED me today.

actually it was sharons fault.

but it was YOUR SET OF BELLS!

kelly h said...

aw, poor carizzy

Ali said...


and sam totally has NOT hit cars with his bells. even tho he actually did.