Sunday, September 24, 2006

"Machine Washable"

What is it?

I dunno. You can decide. I don't really care.

I went to Michele's party on Friday and we played a rousing game of "Manhunt", which is basically hide-and-go-seek outside when it's dark. We were all given lightsticks for safety, so most people hid them to prevent them from being seen.

One of the girls from our cast looked cold, so I gave her my sweatshirt. A couple of minutes later, her lightstick broke, and she spilled a little on the sweatshirt.

The game itself was fun. Everyone seemed to be convinced that there was someone stalking us from a bush because someone saw it glow. I, cynical as ever, was convinced everyone was an idiot, so I began walking over to the bush.

A couple of people started yelling, and someone ran over to me and hit me.

We dodged around the whole area in the course of an hour, diving behind dumsters, climbing trees, crouching behind cars.

The point was I enjoyed myself immensely that evening. It was a cloudy, pitch-black night, and twelve kids were running all over a neighborhood, attempting not to be seen.

On the ride home, I had my sweatshirt on my lap, and the little spot of lighstick chemicals was winking quietly up at me.

I swear, that little spot made me picture the whole evening perfectly, and made me remember everything about it. How much fun it was.

My sweatshirt got put through the washer, and now it isn't there. That innocent spot is simply gone, dissapeared. It seems I have nothing to remind me of the night.

Memories have a habit of doing this. They are there for the longest time, and then they seem to detiorate, as if your brain is washing them away. You try to hold on, but your brain seems bent on cleaning that memory out.

And it does.

And you forget.

But you should really try to remember, though.

That little spot of glowing light.

On your sweatshirt.


Ali said...

first to comment

you take good pictures

that is all

Jen said...


Abby said...

Memories like those are the best. I remember playing that game at my cousin's house, and they couldn't find me for the longest time. I was really proud of myself.

Anonymous said...

oh god sam. please talk to me. i'm sorry. but i think it's better now. please talk to me.

Jen said...

How does he know to talk to you if you are anonymous? *pokes you*

Carissa said...

sounds fun

vanquisher of anonymous-ness said...

He knows to talk to them because I tell him who they are! Duh!

Anonymous is either Angie or Jen or Maddie. Take your pick.

Jeff said...

Not all memories deteriorate. The important ones stick with you - the ones that have an impact.

Jen said...

Anonymous is not me. I take pride in capitalizing the letters that begin each sentence. (Not critizing you, anonymous, but I'm just saying I'm not you)

New Anonymous said...

Guess who??
I don't really understand how you can be so depressed about the whole play thing being over and the whole nostalgia of everything. Do you care to elaborate on why this sudden wave of depression??

Becky said...
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Becky said...

I haven't used my blogger in a while, but I just wanted to check yours out, Sam.

Gah - We haven't talked in forever.
I love your photography.
I've been working on my photography, too. We should swap pictures sometime, hm? I posted a few up, but that's not nearly as many as I have stored in my computer. Heh.

That sounds like fun.
My friends and I played that game last weekend, but we kept bumping into trees. I guess glowsticks would've helped.

kelly h said...

i know who the first anonymous is.
please talk to anonymous. she is truly and deeply sorry.

that was kinda depressing. but you know what's fun when those memories go away, they are always in the back of ur brain. and then, one day you'll remember that night you played manhunt, and you'll laugh and smile while reminiscing on that fun night. Then the rest of that day will be happy. just to give you something to look forward to.

Leah said...

I'm back in black.

Abby said...

new anonymous:
Yuh huh, cuz he's really gonna post his inner most thoughts on the internet to satisfy people who won't even identify themselves.

That game, by the way, is even more fun when you play with flashlights. And then you don't run the risk of ending up with glow-in-the-dark clothes.

angie said...

hey. angie's back. how's everyone?

Becky said...

Oh dear. Sam's just raking in the comments. He's like, mega-popular. Sweet. (:

I need to see Sam and Abby sometime in the near future.
Oh yes.
Yes I do.

And And And
I don't know.

Sam writes meaningful things.
I should try that sometime, in my blogs.

Oh well.
That's all I got for now.


Anonymous said...

Try to remember the kind of September...
-The Fantastiks