Sunday, September 03, 2006

Blog Drama, Part 3

I stepped into the bright sunlight, straightening my tie. Glancing quickly at my watch, I walked down the street.

Alice had gotten a call on her cell-phone at about four in the morning. She had answered cooly, but gotten more frantic as the call went on. She had hung up and I had asked her what that was.

"It was... nothing. Nothing."

She had got dressed and quickly left.

That couldn't be good.

At eight o' clock, I had left myself. My normal morning ritual this morning differed slightly when I loaded my shotgun and put in a bandalier over my shoulder.

Normally I took my revolver, but today was different.

I was meeting Alice's ex.

Meeting someone's ex is never a pleasent experience, especially when there was a good chance this person's ex would be trying to kill you.

But first I had a personal errand to take care of.

I had to talk to Peter.

Making a left, I kept walking as the buildings around became more decrepit. When I finally came upon the alleyway, it was empty.

I swore under my breath and turned around when the window to my left exploded.

Blackness cut into the edges of my vision as I landed in the middle of the street.

Someone came up to me, smiling a crooked smile, and hit me with something.

And everything went black.

I woke up in blackness.

I didn't know if I was awake, but I was pretty sure. I felt duct tape on my mouth and ropes tying me to a hard surface.

The lights came on.

As my eyes became accustomed to the light, I saw Alice, bound to a table, looking frightened.

We were in a bleak, grey room. There was a grimy green door to my right.

I looked at Alice and tried to calm her down.

It's difficult to do when you're tied down, but she seemed to get the message. She stopped straining.

The door opened and someone in a hood walked in wearing a face mask. He ripped off the duct tape covering our mouths and gave me a knife. Walking over to Alice, he ripped out my revolver. She cowered, but he simply placed it on the table next to her. Nodding his head at me, he left, locking the door behind him.

Alice looked at me.

"Now what?"


Abby said...

oh ah, the suspense.

Jeff said...

Here's where you have a bomb inserted. See, they'll put in a telephone. Attatched to the telephone is a bomb. When it rings three times, it explodes, killing everyone in the room. Of course, you manage to get out and answer the phone on the second ring. You exit, walking to some unkown place. Then the people who locked you up walk in. You call the number. Then they blow up.

Oh, wait, that was from City of Angels...

nerdjedi said...

Wow... that was really good!

Carry on!

Jon said...

Didn't he have his shotgun, not the revolver??

Ali said...

ok. well, i'm tired now. so. i don't know....lawn mower. it's loud.

kelly h said...

OMG, this story ROCKS!!!

seriously. give this to hollywood or a publisher. it'd be awesome.

Leah said...

I have nothing to say.

Andrew said...

Okay, first, you spelled bandoleer wrong (with an "o," not an "a.") Secondly, I thought he left the revolver, which was a pretty dumb move, seeing as shotguns take a while to reload. At least with a revolver, you can get a speedloader. Personally, I'd have taken a H&K MP5A3 submachine gun and a Kimber Custom II .45 automatic. Or else a FN P90 and a Zat gun...

andrew said...

Or esle that thing the Govenator used in End of Days; an MP5 with a 40mm grenade launcher!