Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Today In History

1881: Billy the Kid was shot to death in New Mexico.

And I could have sworn something else happened...

Ah well.

So it's been 230 years, and let's see how we're doing.

Well, it looks like we're consuming 21,100,000 barrels of oil a day, which is more than 5 million more than all of Europe combined.

We consume 80% of North America's electricity, more than any other country including China and all of Europe.

Well, it's a good thing we have a moron in office.

That was fun, eh?

Okay so I'm doing "Book Description" of anyone who decides they want one. It's basically like how an author would describe you. I'm going to do a sample of myself, just so you can see what yours would be like.

Sam, quite simply, was short. He was shorter than almost anyone in our grade that you cared to name, and the shortest one in all musical groups. Somehow, though, he managed to compensate. For his size, he took unusually large steps, and he had a knack for getting people's attention. He had natural leadership skills, and often sought to be the leader of any group he could. It was unfortunate that he was so self-obsessed, as if he didn't have people's attention, he had a tendency to get jealous of those who did. He frequently was finding himself thinking ill of those who he thought were friends, and frequently had to correct himself. His hair was an unusual shade of red. Most "red" hair was actually more of a fiery orange, but Sam's was dull, almost the color of rusted iron. The oddly-colored hair sat atop a small, round face. Glasses perched quietly on an average nose; behind them lurked two hazel eyes which remained emotionless for most of the time. The area directly under these eyes was dark, but this was masked by the glasses, which seemed to cover them up with their transparent lenses. His nose was framed by a multitude of freckles, which seemed to stop abrubtly when they came to his mouth. He was extremely white and extremely weak, but this did not seem to bother him. He would frequently make jokes about his size and lack of strength.

Now I know that ended abrubtly, but in a book it wouldn't have. It would have been followed by "on this particular day..." etc.

I will only do one a day so sign-up quickly. First come, first serve.

Isn't it odd that we celebrate our nation's birth by blowing things up?

I leave you with that thought.


Ali said...

i want one!
*first to comment*

nerdjedi said...

I'll take a description, if that's okay with you.

vanquisher of anonymous-ness said...

Descriptions, eh...

Could you do one of me?

Carissa said...

Carissa wants one!
and i LOVE blowing stuff up. with lighter fluid and matches that can be found in the music department.

Jon said...

I definitely want one, but you can put me off until i make it down to Lewes with you guys. If you want, I am in no rush to get it.


jeff said...

I'll take one.

Jen said...

*signs up*

Angie said...

Oh, I want one, but i'm like the 8th commenter. Does that mean i won't get one?

Anonymous said...

i think sam should do 2 a day.

Jon said...

Yeah, that isn't asking a lot of Sam while he is on vacation not at home or anything.

Angie said...

yeah, good point. You dont have to do one aobut me then.