Thursday, July 06, 2006

Run and Hide, Part 2

Tim's description. Then I'll do a post.

Oh and read Angie's Xanga. Her most recent post about a dream is hilarious. And my reaction is rather accurate. Luckily she doesn't have that moronic Xanga Lock, so anyone can read it.

Okay, Tim. Just close your eyes and you won't feel a thing...

Maturity is a curious thing. Some seemed to naturally possess it, some seemed to be completely unaware of what it is. Some thought that maturity was something that it wasn't, like knowing sexual terms or making fun of others.

Tim had his own version. If the whole concept of maturity was a planet, Tim was on the moon.

Tim was mature, almost by accident. Sam attributed his curious style of maturity to his family, his friends, and his faith.

Tim acted strangely to get attention, which could be called immature, but Sam didn't really care. Tim's strange method of complimenting others used to annoy Sam. But then he realized. Some compliments are transparent. Tim's were so perfectly opaque that no one would have any idea if they were fake.

Tim's hair was a marvel. It stuck straight up and never moved, as if it was a piece of plastic that was removable. It revealed a widow's peak as sharp as a tack. His eyes were a shade of emerald that matched the grass, the only color in his otherwise bland face, as if someone got extremely bored with a paint by numbers kit. His face could be divided it half from his widow's peak to the bottom of his chin and remain identical. It was a tribute to Tim's odd personality that even his face was curious.

Tim was tall and skinny. He didn't mind being called weak, in fact he enjoyed it. He often enjoyed making jokes involving him and Sam being beat up by little kids. His self-esteem was hard to judge. He was probably average, but didn't care what others thought of him.


nerdjedi said...

You're right on for everything except one thing: I don't act strangely to get attention. There's actually a very deep and (somewhat) logical explanation, but it's too long for me to type here.

nerdjedi said...

And what do you mean by my "Strange method of complimenting others"?

Jen said...

Of course you do Tim! You just don't realize it. It all has to do with psychology which you can read about in the latest post on my blog!

And about strange method of complimenting others: I think a good example would be the time you said to the person dressed as the energizer bunny for halloween "the energizer bunny is the bomb" or maybe... *trails on and on whilst trying to unclog ear*

Jeff said...

Very accurate description. Creepily so, in fact.

Jeff said...

Comments and blog posts do not count as part of the grammar war.

Carissa said...

i don't think tim acts strangely to get attention but i like it.