Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Free Time

Once again, I link to Tim's Blog. You have to watch the HSB thing. Absolutely hilarious.

Next a quick bulletin: camp was cancelled today so a younger friend of mine (he's like, nine or ten) is coming over. So I have lots of free time and a helper who will do what I say.

Undoubtedly, today will be interesting. I will probably make a movie for you.

Also I have made a puppet show called "The Circle of Life" which I will link to later, once I upload it.

And lastly, Jen's Book Description. So here you are, Jen. You weren't patient.

And I commend you for that.

I'm using a yearbook. Every member of our group looks acutely uncomfortable. I guess that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

Here we go.

Jen was new this year.

Not in the conventional sense.

New personality.
New friends.
New social group.

New. She was a new person.

(damn. too thoughtful. and the word "new" is starting to lose it's meaning to me. ah, well)

Last year Sam was barely aware of her existance, this year she's a member of the social group. The newest member since Dain.

The story of how she joined is sketchy, but it basically amounts to her sitting at our table. How curious that such a small decision could change many lives.

Well, she has seen her share of drama, though it was mostly out of the lime-light, which I think is good. No one running around, making comments, being annoying.

Jen's eyes seemed slightly larger than normal, but it was just because she kept them open wider, as if she needed to observe every single thing around her. Her hair was long, normally tied back in two ponytails that would rest on her shoulders. She was about average height, so she still towered above Sam.

Jen was an artist and a nerd (is that insulting? I mean it as a compliment), which was, as always, an interesting combination. Her blog would frequently house an animation, which was both well-drawn and well-animated. Her layout was well-done also, as she was an HTML wizard.

Jen's personality was interesting. She managed to keep to both ends of the happiness/sadness spectrum. She was rarely a bit happy or a little sad. She was either off-the-charts, bouncing-off-the-walls, as-hyper-as-frances happy, or miserabally depressed. Rarely was she sad, however, which was fortunate.

She was quiet, so she was a bit of an enigma. Not many people knew her very well, even within the social group.

There we are.

Done at last.


Jen said...

Oh my gosh, YAY!!! That's just like me!!!!!!!!!!!!! x3

and I guess I wasn't so patient xD I'm starting to loose my ability to even have patience these days.

nerdjedi said...

Glad you liked Henry Ford with Spoons. I'm always glad when my work is appreciated.

Carissa said...

patience is overrated.