Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I am annoyed. Today is our last YAGMCB practice.

To avoid any stalker things, a quick note:

Mrs. S: bell teacher, plays piano.
Mrs. B: Director of YAGMCB

So there is this scene where we are all singing a book report, and I run across the stage while Lucy is counting, and jump when she says thirty and land on "Down" and continue with "came the staff on his head, CRASH!". Basically I'm really energized. But whenever I do it either I land late or Mrs. S comes in late or w/e and it always looks bad.

And when I asked Mrs. B about it she suggested I don't jump.'

I love jumping.

Plus the person with the spotlight finds it difficult to manuever a 50 pound cylinder that has its fulcrum rusted over to follow a small boy.


For the record I'm kidding. I would find it much more difficult.

And today I was in the hall and this woman was walking and there were people at lockers on both sides of me, but a gap in the people ahead of me, so I was going to step into the gap so that she could walk by but when I walked foward she put her hand on my shoulder, pushed me out of the way, and said, "I think you should let me walk by" or something like that. Plus Margaret was behind me and she was like, "smooth Sam".

So that went well.



Abby said...

yay! first to comment

and yes, i do actually HAVE something to say: what play is your school doing?

melissa said...

I think that your a good man charlie brown may be a little too long to abbreviate

carissa said...

oooo! i LIKE the abbreviation.

Carissa said...

sam. we are dead. the yellow sheet said only 2 parts per person in the parody. also i realized a bunch of parts overlap. So, tomorrow i guess we ask cacciatore if we can have 3 ppl do 3 roles? and look.. for the end of it.... this is for when we film from the watches entering on.. what characters we need. WITH four or five deleted:
Act V Scene 3c (Juliet Dies to End of Act V)

Characters: Dead Juliet and Romeo (Christie and Sam somehow both covered up with a sheet so they don’t have to be there), 1st watch (Sam who left after last scene because Juliet covered him up somehow), 2nd watch (Carissa), Capulet (Taylor), Balthasar (Carissa after she exits as 2nd watch), Montague (Sam after he exits as second watch), Friar (Emily), Prince (Christie after she exits from being dead)

Abby said...

geez... that goes WAY beyond the oppsite of a split cast

Jen said...

HI!!!! I have nothing really to say...

Leah said...

We're just starting the paradies at TE. Play sounds cool. Who are you playing? Sara yelling. Should've done Spanish homework. Probably should stop talking in sentence fragments.

Jen said...

xD I have to be Juliet, yet again!!! Yay.

This is the third time I'm playing her.... wow.