Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Secret Message

I blog here now, hoping that someone will find it, and save me. A proverbial note in a bottle...

My mother lurks outside, it is 8:30. Any second now, she will whisk me upstairs. Sri is GTalking to me. I must ignore him. I must finish this message.

My mom is approaching. Her voice is coming nearer.

She repeats my name, I ignore her.

"Hold on, mom" I call.

I type the important message: Angie, I'm sorry for the way I acted in school. You shouldn't post gossip, but really I just wanted to be mad at someone. Tim was upset.

My mom's voice grows sterner. She gets off the couch and moves towards the door to my study

Frances is saying "hi" on GTalk. I want to respond... Frances, it is too late. She calls at me!

It is too late...

My mother is upon me.


Frances =) said...

This is so special. . .I haven't been the first to comment in SUCH a long time!!
But then I just IMed and you were like "read my blog" so I guess it's still not that special. . .
It's still sort of special!
I don't get that whole thing so I'm just gonna stay out of it until someone finally feels like explaining it to me. . .

jen said...

SAM!!!! Did you forget to check something... um I don't know your E-MAIL PERHAPS???

(xD yeah.... just felt like saying that. but seriously you didn't e-mail me... T_T)

Carissa said...

wow.......... ummmmmmmmmmm.......... idk what to comment. For once. THAT is abnormal. Yet.... i stay true to myself by commenting. Your sister is right sam! :) YAY!

angie said...

wow. i feel better today. no more rage. no more pity.

melissa said...

heh, how come our family life packet compares all of our reproductive organs to nuts and vegetables? do we really need to be comparing things in that general region to food? but at least it made me laugh

angie said...


maddie told me that after you're play practice, you and other people were gossiping. how dare you accuse me of gossiping-when i really wasn't- when you were actually gossiping! you better have an explination, you hypacrite!! email me, or call me if you really care

maddie has am un-diagnosed virus, and she's really looking for some sympathy.