Sunday, February 26, 2006

On Webcams

Well... they aren't actually webcams, persay. Just a Logitech Quickcam. It can be a webcam, but it costs like a billion dollars a month or something like that.

But I had this cam and it was broken (my new nerdy motto: things aren't broken, they're just not fixed yet), so I fixed it and downloaded some software and then I made a video where I was lip-synching to ben folds. And then I told my sister she could show it to her friend (stupid me) and that embarrassed me. By the way I'll never show it to any of you, not even on your death beds (which I won't be there to see because I'll be DEAD! Yay! I'm not really happy about this but I thought it would freak you guys out). Anyway that was a lot of fun...

This is so boring, and I'm very tired and depressed. So here's a funny link to keep you punks happy: MADNESS!

The End


Jen said...

What? Depressed???

well... *pokes empty inbox* 0=)

Frances =) said...

2nd to comment!
Interesting post. . .I have a webcam thing. It's been used 2 timse. 1st time 2 show my aunt my pierced ears, 2nd time to show her my un-bracesed teeth. . .
I'm always, like, the last one.
But that's ok.
~Frances =)

jeff said...

Ha! I watched that video. All to dance by himself. It reminds me of those knox klaymation shorts.

Everybody Dance Now said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Carissa said...

wow.... that video disturbs me.
so does the fact that you call us "punks"
And the fact that u made a scary video. Why did you tell us if we aren't going to get to see it? to torture us?

ymous said...

Madness was one of the most popular internet games at my camp last summer...figures...

hong said...


me have full prrof, 100% effective anti-depressant medicine (see above). it's easier to explain in person.

Anonymous said...

ooohh! cool, another deleted comment!

hong said...

OO deleted comments!
*^^ delete me!!!*
*^^delete me too!*
*delete me^^*
*delete me^^ but, someone below, tell him to delete me*
*okay, delete him^^. but delete me too*