Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Feels So Empty

Called PAPERCUT MIXMASTER's "most blatantly formulaic track so far," "Feels So Empty" features vocals from "Without Me" by rap artist Eminem and samples from Bitter:Sweet's "Dirty Laundry". Sources close to the artist indicate he might not have discovered these songs by watching Team Fortress 2 frag videos. NSFW lyrics.

Look for another track to drop before I leave for camp! Otherwise I have a new post below this.


Having some writer's block; I'm going to start updating weekly to try to get myself working. I'm also thinking of changing the blog's address to papercutmixmaster.blogspot.com, let me know what you think. My new post is below this.

On the Night Before

On the night before we had to leave, an angel visited us in the darkness. We were crying in Elizabeth's bed, see, her and myself, just holding each other and crying, and then the angel came down on a moonbeam or something and spoke to us. Your love was pure and your happiness was genuineand you should not weep for that, it whispered, and Elizabeth saiddon't you think we know that.