Sunday, May 15, 2011

Reasons to Lie Still in Bed

1. You are in the back of a pickup truck, green and not too worn-in, wrapped head-to-toe in a blanket wrapped in a carpet and covered by garden tools and old violin cases and battered end tables. The darkness is consuming and warm, like felt, like warm felt. Your best friend is driving, his girlfriend sits shotgun, and they are approaching a checkpoint.

2. You are in a sledding race that starts on the top of a mountain so high it takes a day and night to get to the finish line. The sled is totally enclosed and designed to be ridden on your stomach - your head goes in front; there is not enough room to change position. You are approaching the portion of the race where the track is straight and the incline is easy - where the snow hums low under the wooden slats, where participants are encouraged to try to get some rest.

3. You are in your bed. The top bunk. Your roommate is below you and he has an early class.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Little Things

This will happen to you too: after the hard part, after all the terrible dinner small talk and the name games, after you've given up on some high school friends and worked hard to keep a choice few, after you've lost your campus map. After all that, I mean, you will start to notice the similarities. The way the rugby captain - the one who let the team set fire to his car in honor of their victory at regionals - smiles in the same way as your eternally nervous finger-picking co-captain from knowledge bowl; the way that sophomore in your a capella group shakes you by the shoulders and grits his teeth after a bad pun just like your best friend from back home; the way the girl down the hall orders Subway like your ex: a six-inch meatball on italian with provolone cheese and nothing else, thanks.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Seasons, Drinking

It's come to this.

The fall is firework displays in colors bright and brash,
A veritable light show to be raked and hauled and trashed.
Yes nothing quite beats days that grow as short as they are cold.
If I said Fall was crappy I don't think that would be bold.

Now winter, that's an easy one, with all the cold and ice,
And though you'll come by people who will say the snow is nice,
Whose eyes will sparkle listening of Santa and his elves
I think that all the car crashes can speak fine for themselves.

The birds sing in the morning and you whine they wake you up.
I understand the problem given what was in your cup.
My friend and I discussed it and decided here's the thing:
These birds are just another reason why we hate the spring.

And finally there's summer, days of heat, and dry, and sweat,
Of traffic jams on Fridays and of cell phones cracked and wet,
Of searing sandy sunburns and of sailboats lost at sea,
I guess the fact is frankly there's no season that's for me.